Yo my blog is mainly dedicated to five nerds with super abilities Teen Titans nerds. And I make gifs. Ilove Starfire she's my life and Cyborg is my son. I'm uselsscolonel too. I track the tag fyeahteentitans

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30 Day Teen Titans Challenge

Day 8: Favorite Super Power; Starfire’s power

30 Day teen Titans Challenge

Day 15: Favorite quote from any character; Starfire

No price is ever too high when it comes to doing what is right.”

Top 10 Teen Titans Dudes (as votes by my followers):

#2 Cyborg

Don’t do anything, don’t touch anything. Sci-fi rule number one: you start messing with the past you end up with monkeys ruling the future. ”

make me choose
anonymous asked: cyborg or beast boy 


( ゚∀゚)o彡゚おっぱい!おっぱい!

そういえばTeen Titansってラッキースケベとかそういう展開が無かったなって…

30 Day Teen Titans Challenge

Day 14: If you could be a Titan, who would you be; Raven

I don’t exactly fit in with any of you.”

tophsdead photoshop isn’t working so I’ll do your request tomorrow

Gif request: raven and stafire from 'switched'

as u wish

Then, can you please create a playlist : ). It's okay if it only has a few songs!

Okay I can try, but should it just be like the songs from the show like the main theme and the other songs or like actual songs that I think fit the show?

30 Day Teen Titans Challenge

Day 3: What’s your favorite Robin(and raven) moment?

Raven:There was... a prophecy, Robin. And it came true. It's all over now.

Robin: Yeah... it's the end of the world. But so what? We're still here. Still fighting. Still friends.
Raven: Look at me, Robin! There is nothing I can do! There isn't any hope.
Robin: Then I guess... I just have to have enough hope for the both of us.